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Orpheus Jordan - Founder of Pro Jerseys & Team Apparel 4UHi, I’m Orpheus, pronounced (Or-Fee-Us, its Greek for those of you that never seen the name) and while growing up in New York City where all sports are embraced, I became an absolute sport fanatic. For me, as a youngster, I didn’t want to just watch and play the game, I wanted to look the part too. So wearing various sports wear and jerseys became a part of my culture, a type of language if you will.

Where I came from, the team you wore, and the player you represented spoke volumes. Today, I am still that absolute sport fanatic that loves all my sports, and all my teams. Wearing the jerseys, caps, and other gear of my favorite teams and players gives me a sense of pride that only a true sports fan can understand.

Here at Pro Jerseys & Team Apparel 4U, we are ecstatic about sports and the clothes that represent the teams and players that we watch everyday. We’re also excited to have you visit us! And while your here, you will be able to read interesting information about the sportswear we love to wear, and some of the teams and players that inspire us to wear them. So enough about us, let us know a little about you and your sports preferences, we’d like to know:

What type of sports aparel do you wear?

Are you the conservative fan, or the crazed fanatic like me?

What teams or players do you root for?

We want to know, so if you have some time, be sure to leave your responses or comments below!



Our goal here at Pro Jerseys & Team Apparel 4U is to give sports fans various exciting information that will also help broaden their options and choices of sports wear, athletic jerseys, and other related team apparel.

We look to increase knowledge, create great discussions and healthy sports debates, and to ensure that you have a great experience while doing this and leave with a smile. 🙂

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

Mr. Orpheus Jordan

Email: Orpheus@ProJerseysTeamApparel.com

URL: https://projerseysteamapparel.com



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