Sports Jerseys Online – Transcendence Creates Variety & Choices Galore

The World Wide Web has become a sports fanatics treasure trove. It was only about 25 years ago or so when shopping for sports apparel was limited to traveling to a physical store like Modell’s or Dickies Sporting Goods. Depending on where you lived, finding your favorite team’s jersey or athletic gear wasn’t always guaranteed.Authentic NHL Jerseys

Today, the internet has given us sports fanatics and shoppers the ability to find our specific and favorite sports jerseys, and more, online. Here at Pro Jerseys & Team Apparel 4U, we’re committed to helping you understand the differences in quality, prices, and even the history of pro sports jerseys.

Below, we continue and conclude our discussion on how the transformation of jerseys has transcended through the years, from style to advertising. And how fans have been able to benefit from these changes. We also identify the various types of jerseys that fans wear and appreciate.


The Transformation Of Jerseys – Part II

Penn State Football In 1920As previously mentioned in ‘The Transformation of Jerseys – Part I’ article, the looks and designs of the pro sports jersey have changed significantly. The first jerseys made in the early 20th century were knitted from wool or cotton, and are now more custom made with synthetic fibers. The first jerseys, such as Penn State’s (<see picture) were actually without numbers, and were simple, basic, and plain colored.

Jersey styles enhanced as teams began to put stripes or checkerCarlton Football Club Bert Boromeo catches ball prints on their jerseys. Numbers back then were used simply to identify players from each other. Soccer originally used numbers 1 – 11 with the goalie being #1 and so on, while baseball players used numbers 1 – 9 according to their batting order. Australia Rules Football was actually the first  league to implement numbers on their jerseys in 1911, according to the International Federation of Football History. And by 1922, identifying superstar players like Bert Beromeo (#2 – see picture>) was much basedeasier.

But changes to the actual jerseys weren’t the only changes that occurred, for in the last 40 years, advertising for jerseys have also transcended. In 1971, the Sporting News, a weekly United States magazine based in Charlotte, North Carolina, which was established in 1886, would post their first football jersey ad. The actual advertisement was located at the bottom of the page with a tiny section, oh, how times have changed!

Today we have the internet which allows fans around the world total unlimited access to a myriad of advertisements for jerseys of all kinds of sports and leagues, and thousands of choices for all types of athletic apparel. The internet allows fans and people in general to find their own or their friend’s favorite jerseys online with a simple click of a mouse. People who live far away in Asia and Europe can order jerseys or other sportswear online from an American based company and vise-versa. The internet has truly changed how sports apparel is advertised and sold.

Below is a description of various types of Pro Sports Jerseys


Authentic Jerseys

These jerseys are one of the most expensive jerseys sold on the market. These jerseys can be custom made or a Authentic Jersey - Tom Brady #12person can order their favorite team and player. The Authentic Jersey (see picture>) is made with the exact same materials as the players wear on the field. In past years jerseys of high quality were made with nylon,and spandex, they now consist of a fabric called lycra. Lycra is an elastic polyurethane fiber or fabric that allows it to stretch like a compression shirt. The numbers, names, and logos are usually sewn in rather than printed. If you want the “Official League” look, Authentic Jerseys is what your looking for, but remember, get your wallets ready because prices ranges usually start around $250.


Replica Jerseys

These jerseys are a bit less expensive than Authentic Jersey. Made with 100% polyester, the Replica Jersey (see picture below) also is made with Dry Cell which is a performance fabric that helps with moisture management, which Replica Jersey - Giannis Antetokounmpo #34helps keep the player cooler during game play. The prices are a little cooler too for those with lesser budgets, as jerseys usually start around $90. Although they may look exactly like Authentic Jerseys, look again, there is something that may be missing from the Replica Jersey. Usually the example of this are the numbers, names, and logos are printed or ironed rather than sown. But for the fan that just wants to represent their team or player, this jersey still gets the job done, without the “cheap” look.


Throwback Jerseys

Any professional player that is retired and/or a legendary player falls into the Throwback JerseyThrowback Jersey - Vince Carter #15 style. Throwback jerseys (see picture>) have the classical style and look of the past, also may have additional patches, and usually cost around $200 and up. These jerseys are cool for those who want to remember the old days of the past when their favorite player played, or to remember the “good times” of a particular year or team. These jerseys also are sometimes signed, but remember, that autograph shoots the price up significantly, but these jerseys are well worth their weight in value.


Youth Jerseys

As we adults are fans, of course in most cases our craze began as a youth. All sports today have Youth Jerseys for young fans. These jerseys of course are miniature in size and therefore much cheaper than the adult jerseys, costsYouth Jersey - Sam Darnold #14 and be around $50 to $80 Because children grow so fast, there aren’t any Throwback or Authentic jerseys for youth. Young boys and girls very rarely care about the type of jersey they wear, but rather are more concerned about which team and which player they prefer to wear. The dreams start when we’re young, playing out the scenarios of being the hero player and winning the game, and in most cases these dreams begin while wearing a Youth Jersey (see picture>).


Cheap Jerseys

When the budget is extremely low, other things in life are of higher priority, or you just want the Cheap Jersey - Allen Iverson #3very simple and basic look, the Cheap Jersey (<see picture) is the move, these jerseys usually cost between $20 – $50. These jerseys are usually made with less quality and more likely to get old quicker than the other jerseys described. However, these cheaper jerseys are great for children or teens to wear at the field, court, or ice for a simple recreational game.  Once retired or traded, jerseys usually immediately lose their value. Although cheap, these basic or older jerseys still have significance to many fans the same way as others who wear the more expensive jerseys.


Wearing Your Pride On Your Chest….Literally!

Do you prefer the authentic look, are you going back to the past to resurrect a superstar of old, or do you have children and want to bring them into the team family and start them up young? Either way, a jersey can speak volumes as it pertains to the pride or love a person has for their team or player. A pro sports jersey for a sports fan has significance the same way a three-piece suit does for a person in the office, if not more. There is pride involved along with bragging rights, yet another aspect that makes wearing jerseys fun. In many ways, jerseys bring peopleThrowback Jersey - Michael Jordan #23 together, whether through allegiance or rivalry, jerseys connect people. Wearing a jersey, a cap, or shirt bring fans together in some way or fashion.

Me being a regular sports gear wearer, I usually wear my New York teams apparel, and I wear it with much pride as a fan. But I also wear many other team jerseys and caps and I find it funny that in most cases when I’m on the street and a person will ask “are you a fan of (the team I wearing)”, I usually laugh to myself because its just human nature to think and assume that a person that wears a particular jersey is a particular fan of that team or player. Jerseys and sports wear in general have very broad reasons for why their being worn. But pride and joy in the actual team and/or player itself is usually right at the top of the list.


Which jersey do you wear?

Which player or team are you allied with?

Let us know by leaving a comment or reply below 🙂







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